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For a lot of businesses the major problem is storage. Be it inventory, office supplies, or even paperwork, most businesses have an issue when it comes to finding extra storage space. Another issue is that a lot of businesses have problems organizing their storage space, making it harder to find any required items, making it harder to complete orders and find needed paperwork. Anything that can increase and organize the storage space of a business is therefore welcome, making pallet racking a great development for most businesses.

Read more about pallet racking

The Basics Pallet racking is arguably the most effective way of organizing storage space so far developed. The idea is to set up shelving in a way that it maximizes the storage space within a given volume. The shelves are essentially wire frame affairs with the shelves set at the height of the tallest boxes. There are essentially two ways of creating the shelving itself: Either a wire mesh pattern is used or wooden shelves supported by a metal frame is used to create a stable shelf. As the sections have metal loops at each corner to allow poles to pass through them, plastic connectors are used to ensure that the shelves stay where they are.


There are a number of ways to organize the pallet racking. The ideal is to maximize the amount of space used for storage while at the same time allowing space for walking around. The shelves themselves are set from the floor to the ceiling with shelving set at either the height of the tallest boxes or at the height of several boxes, depending on the size of the boxes used. The areas can be divided into the type of goods or supplies used, with signage used to designate which area is which. It may sound basic, but many organizers rely on their own memories to set things up, making it difficult for those that come after them.

Advance Techniques

There are as many different ways of organizing pallet racking as there are businesses that use it. The two most basic ways of organizing things is to either base it on the size of the items used or the frequency of use, with most using some mixture of the two. When organized by size, the larger and heavier items are closer to the floor while the smaller and lighter items are placed higher; this makes moving the items less strainful. When organized by use, the more frequently used items are placed near the exit while those that are more long-term are placed further away.

It All Makes Life Easier

Pallet racking is ultimately a cheap yet effective way to make the most use of limited storage space. It allows a business to quickly find just about anything, allowing it to keep both customers and bookkeepers happy. As the system is easily implemented and even more easily maintained, and can be quickly adapted to any use, it has been pretty much the standard for a long time. As such, it comes highly recommended for any storage use you can think of and is thus great for business application.